Resilient as Bamboo (Original)

Resilient as Bamboo (Original)

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Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Chinese ink and pigments on raw Xuan rice paper, painted in the UK by myself.

I was reading a poetry called TingZhu (庭竹), literally means bamboo in courtyard, by Tang dynasty poet Liu Yuxi (劉禹錫).

(This is just imagery of bamboo, describing the strong stems and the wind shaking its thin jade-green branches)
(As resilient as a noble man, there is no place where it will not thrive)
Basically, it uses the strength and resilience of bamboo as a metaphor for how strong-willed, noble and virtuous people are able to flourish anywhere.

And I also read about that the most famous poet,  writer, painter and calligrapher Su Shi 蘇軾 liked to paint bamboo in red.

Inspired by the two ancient artists, I made my red bamboo painting and the poem in running & cursive script calligraphy.

Bamboo is a symbol of longevity because of its durability, strength, flexibility, and resilience. It survives in the harshest conditions, still standing tall and staying green year-round.

Its flexibility and adaptability are a lesson to us all that the secret of a long happy life is to go with the flow.

This artwork is suitable for any wall in your home.

Ready frame in standard 415mm x 295mm frame. Original art


Framing: unframed, so you can choose your own style and size.

Packaging: the artwork will be sent in a cardboard tube, carefully rolled with thin protective board.

Delivery: free in the UK. Please allow 5-7 days. Please email to ask about shipping costs for international delivery.

Gift options: if you are sending the artwork to someone else as a gift, please email me at to let me know. I will wrap it beautifully before dispatch.

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