Covid-19 Calligraphy Workshop

In the difficult period of lock down time, I offered free online workshops of Chinese Calligraphy and Brush painting to local Chinese community. Every Thursday evening 9pm-10:30pm, 7-10 ladies came to learn how to write Kaishu standard script and painting with me guiding them through. 

We started to write Heart Sutra on the first day 2nd April to prey for people who were suffering the Covid-19, also to hold together to support each other. 

As the feed back was great. Most of the ladies have young children to look after. They said this calligraphy and painting time was one of the best time they were looking forward to. They totally enjoyed it.

At end, I run for more than two months for 12 weeks.

It has made massive changes to those ladies' lives. I showed them how to set boundaries with their husbands and children so they could have this peaceful moment for themselves after a long day. Some of them kept practicing this ancient skill after. I am so glad it was actually a transformative activity for them.