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Press Coverage 

1. BBC

 Interview With Adam Dowling on BBC radio Kent, 30th Jan. 2024   The segment begins at 1:40 in the clip

2. On published articles: 

 1). Interview with Brighton Journal - Artist of The Week July 2020

 2).  Thrive Global - Lock Down Far From Home: How I've Helped My Community Feel Connected Through The Art Of Our Heritage

3.  Artist Open House:

AOH Artist Open House 2023

AOH Artist Open House 2022

AOH Artist Open House 2021

4. Features:

London YouLan Qin Society - Special Feature May 2020

5. In Book:

In Peter Deadman‘s new book Qigong 氣功 : Cultivation of body, breath and mind'  :

I'm delighted to be asked to write calligraphy for health educator, Qigong practitioner and author Peter Deadman on his new book, 'Qigong 氣功 : Cultivation of body, breath and mind' which  is due for publication early in 2024.  

I designed and wrote calligraphy pieces based on the different chapters of Peter's book. The book now is available in Peter's website for purchasing. 

6. In Music:

I have been collaborating with Xiao (Chinese Bamboo flute) musician Dennis Lee. I designed and wrote calligraphy pieces inspired by Dennis's music. Here are some of our projects from 2020.

1. 鬲溪梅令 Plum Blossom on the Far Side of the Stream, 姜夔 • 宋 (白石道人歌曲) by Jiang Kui, Song Dynasty (Songs of the White Stone Taoist) on Youtube

2. 1) Wasserflut from Winterreise D.911 (1827) by Franz Schubert  (1797-1828) on Youtube

2. 2)箫独奏:洪流(Wasserflut)- 冬之旅 -作曲:舒伯特 (德)on Chinese platform Bilibili

3. 1)Prison 獄 (1894) Gabriel Fauré 加布里埃爾 · 福萊 (法) (1845-1924) (words by Paul Verlaine (1844-1896)) on Youtube

3. 2)箫独奏:狱 Prison (1894)- 作曲:福来(法)on Chinese platform Bilibili