Courses & Materials

Would you like to learn how to use Chinese brushes and inks to create your own paintings or calligraphy? This absorbing and mindful practice requires no previous knowledge of the Chinese language or a background in art.

I teach both English and Chinese speakers, both online and face-to-face in Brighton.

These ancient skills are part of my heritage, and I am passionate about sharing them. I've been teaching for nearly a decade, initially focusing on the Mandarin language.

My Chinese painting and calligraphy courses are particularly popular with people who combine a love for art with an interest in language, history, or philosophy.

I have just completed my 2023 autumn 10-week course. If you are interested in my future courses, please sign up for my mailing list so I can keep you informed.

Workshops course:

I'm currently only offering a few one-on-one calligraphy and painting courses. My group workshops will return in September. Please sign up for my mailing list if you would like to receive updates.

One-on-One Calligraphy Workshop Course

This personalised one-on-one calligraphy workshop course is available on Zoom or in person, crafted to meet individual requirements. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a package.

Upon your purchase, Jing will engage in a discussion with you to tailor-design the course, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your specific needs.

Time and Date: Scheduled at your convenience, you have the flexibility to choose the time and date that suits you best.

To find out more and to book, please click here. 

Past Course 

Course 1: Yan Zhenqin's Standard Script 

Chinese Brush Calligraphy for Beginners - Tang Dynasty Yan Zhenqin's Standard Script, 顏真卿楷書多寶塔, including a special session - Chinese New Year celebration. Thursday 8th Feb. to 21st March. 

In this 6-week course, Jing will share this invaluable ancient skill with you. 

Chinese calligraphy and painting materials resource:-

I normally get my Chinese painting and calligraphy tools and materials from China. 

But when I need it urgently, I get it from Guanghua(their online store is called Cyress bookstore). Of course you can get it from amazon, but I won’t be able to recommend which one on amazon as you have to be lucky. 

I have used the materials from Guanghua so I can recommend those to you. 

1. Chinese Brush Painting Materials:

1) Ink

   You can use Chinese ink, ink sticks or Japanese ink. If you only want to get a small bottle, then this one works. 

     Yi De Ge Chinese Calligraphy Black Ink (100 ml) 一得阁墨汁 100 ML

2) Paper

For beginners, I suggest Semi-treated Xuan paper:XP083 Rice Paper (semi treated] 68 cm x 35 cm 50 Sheets approx.(半生半熟宣纸)   - £9.95

3) Chinese painting colours:

To start with, this one covers the colours you will need. 

2. Chinese Calligraphy Materials:

1.Ink: The same as above 


  • XP-393 Cicada Wing Grass Paper - 蝉翼毛边纸 78*48 cm 70 张   £11.95

This one is not listed in their website. At least I didn't see it on Guanhua's website. You would need to contact Vivian and send her an email. 

The price list above is based on the day I created this list. 

I always use email to contact sales at Guanghua. You might be able to get a 10% off discount if you tell her you are my student. 

or from Louisa's store at The Oriental Art in Brighton if you live nearby. You can contact her if you want to visit her store in Kemptown Brighton. 

Note: The Oriental Art is temporally closed until New Year 2024.  

Past Course 10 weeks Autum 2023  :

1. Chinese brush painting:

After a break from Zoom teaching during the summer, I am ready to offer you fresh autumn/winter themes in Chinese brush painting.

In addition to the basic stroke skills, I will be guiding you to learn the techniques of Freehand, Ink Splash, and Color Splash.

It suits beginner & intermediate levels.

Over 10 sessions, you will have the opportunity to complete a small painting in each session. The course starts next Thursday, September 21st. Please book your spot soon as the number of available spots is limited.

Discover Chinese Brush Painting in Autumn and Winter Themes, 10 Workshops

2.Chinese brush calligraphy:

Jing will guide you through basic strokes and the formation of characters. v

This type of script is itself an art form; even a single character can be a piece of artwork. After learning each script, Jing will guide you to create your own calligraphy artwork.

By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own artwork using phrases from poems you like.

It's a 10-week course, but you will acquire a lifelong skill. It's suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. 

Fundamentals of Chinese Calligraphy Scripts: Seal, Clerical, and Standard書法基礎之小篆,隸書和楷書

Past Course 10 weeks Spring 2023:

Zoom workshop: 

1. Discover Chinese painting in winter, spring & Chinese New Year festive themes: 

Although it is weekly courses, each one is individual as we have one theme each week. And we will complete a small painting per week.

Jing will also show you the traditional mounting method of ink painting, and the process of paste/書畫人必學的作品托裱方法及漿糊製作.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates.

It is a weekly course, but you will learn a life time skill.

2. Discover Chinese Ancient Calligraphy Script Lishu 隸書曹全碑

A 10 weeks course, but you will learn a life time skill.

Jing will guide you from basic strokes, then to form a character. This is a small group with maximum 6 people so Jing can give you feedback during the workshop sessions as well as after checked your homework writing. 

This type of script itself is an art. Two characters can be a piece of artwork. 

At end of the course, you will be able to create your own artwork with phrases from poems you like.

Suitable for beginners and intermediates 


The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy With Jing - Spring 2022

For both Chinese and English speakers

A 8 weeks course, but you will learn a life time skill.

In this 8 week course, Jing will lead you step by step from writing Chinese characters through traditional techniques to creating calligraphy artwork, creating your own project and making your own seal.    

The course will cover:- 

  1. Basic Strokes & open structure characters—week1 & 2
  2. Creating enclosure characters & meaningful phrases from Tang poems—week4
  3. The arty projects—week5 & 6
  4. Making a seal —week7
  5. Final artworks —week8

*Suitable for complete beginner to intermediate level.

How: Zoom workshop lessons with supporting 

Date and time:

10:30 -11:30am , each Tues. in 1st March - 19th April. 2022

Replay: Lesson replay is available. 

*Free access to pre-recorded short video:

  • Brief Introduction of Chinese Calligraphy, knowing your materials 
  • How to apply the skills of calligraphy strokes to paint a branch of bamboo  

*Early bird offer: (Book by 27th Feb. ) 

Current Chinese calligraphy course - Spring 2022:

Intermediate + Advanced level:

Wednesday 12:20pm -13:50pm 

12th Jan. - 30th March 2022

Regular script, Zhiyong's The Thousand Character Classic

Suitable for people who has some basic calligraphy skills 

千字文 楷书精进第二期



* Suitable for who have already been practicing brush calligraphy for at least one year or previous have had some experiences. 


Chinese Brush Painting course for both Chinese and English speakers:

After a successful workshop on 27th Jan., I am now planning to run a monthly membership course. The monthly membership will cover:

  • a new and exciting Chinese brush painting project every month
  • a beautifully presented video to get you started with every project
  • monthly group Zoom calls where we have fun chatting through our work
  • a FREE, personalised, one-to-one Zoom session with me
  • a friendly Facebook group where you can watch live demos, share your work and talk all things about Chinese art, brush, ink, Xuan rice paper,  Chinese seal stamps, Chinese music 
  • Occasional bonus face to face lunch workshop event in Brighton

Plus the joyous feeling of connecting with people and with ancient beautiful art

Special one off Chinese brush painting and calligraphy workshop with lunch:

Come join us to celebrate Chinese New year, the year of the tiger

Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Workshop with special Chinese food for lunch

Time : 11:30am -14pm 27 Jan. 2022

Cost : £35 per person, limited numbers, book by 24th Jan. All materials provided

Suitable for beginners & intermediate

Bring your own materials at £30 per person

You can choose the options at the check out. 

The venue will be at the beautiful seafront boutique & spa hotel, The Charm Lounge Hotel 

Address : 20-21 New Steine, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1PD 

Beginner’s Chinese art course for English speakers will be available shortly

Our small group meets over Zoom, with additional short videos and PDF learning materials provided. We also have a private group on Facebook.

Culminating in a complete artwork, you’ll learn:

  • to write four sentences (one each week) of a Tang Dynasty poem in the ancient Lishu (隸書) clerical script;
  • how to paint flowers, birds and dragon flies;
  • how to make a Chinese stamp stone seal, carved with your Chinese name.

Thursdays 11:45- 1:45pm
Available shortly (six sessions)
Cost: £132

Email me at to reserve your space and to find out how to order the materials you’ll need. 

I also run Calligraphy courses for Chinese native speakers in different levels as well. If you are interested,  Email me at to book a zoom chat.

Past Free Tutorial Links:

To help you to celebrate the Chinese New Year 🎆🏮 (12th February) and to get involved, I've created three easy to-follow free short video tutorials.

-  1st one: how to make ink from ink stick;
3rd one: how to paint carp fish in a few strokes. 

You can watch now.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, this can be a truly meditative experience as you become absorbed in the flow of the ink. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to carry on learning more of these ancient skills.

If you would like to follow the tutorials but don't have the materials, you can order them here.

I hope you enjoy making time to create your own beautiful Chinese art.❤️


Past courses✨:

Foundation of Chinese calligraphy:

For English speakers: Thursday 6:10pm -7:50pm   

For Chinese native speakers: Tuesday 10:00-11:30am (Fully booked)

For Chinese native speakers: Wednesday7:30pm-9:00pm (two space left)


Past Workshops:

Ink painting & calligraphy - Special theme for Moon Festival 🌕

30th Sept. 6pm-8pm (Wednesday ) &  2nd Oct. 9:30am-11:30am (Friday)

Lose yourself in the beauty of the Full Moon with this new workshop from creative calligraphist Jing Wang.

After some basic practice of Chinese calligraphy strokes, creative calligraphist Jing Wang will guide you through painting bamboo plants, and share with you a couple of clever ways to paint a full moon.

At the end of the session, you will have learnt how to complete an traditional ink painting with two characters of calligraphy writing.🖌️ 🌸

The workshop is good for people with an interest in Chinese culture, arts and music or Mandarin, Zen and Buddhism.

This is a small online group workshop suitable for both beginners and those 

You will need:

  • A computer/laptop/iPad to access the Zoom meeting
  • 2 Brushes: 1 median size & 1 small size with mixed hair
  • Paper: a) practice papers(can be grass paper, newspapers, print paper): b) Xuan mulberry paper for your artwork, ideally A3 size (two pieces in case)
  • Ink : Chinese ink stick or ink in bottle
  • Writing mat: at least size A3
  • A small white dish: for making grey ink
  • Some water in a jar: for cleaning brushes
  • Some kitchen papers folded in quarter: for drying your brushes in case too watery

You can book directly by sending email to Jing at❤️

Or book through Eventbite at the links below.

30th Sept. 6pm-8pm (Wednesday ) workshop  or

2nd Oct. 9:30am-11:30am (Friday) workshp

Please also contact us at:

if you are unsure about the materials or would like more details. 🎨

Online Calligraphy and Painting Workshop: 🖌️ 🌸

Theme: Chinese Shufa Calligraphy & Bamboo - Ancient Practices in the 21st Century  🍃

Lose yourself in the Zen beauty of Chinese calligraphy with creative calligraphist Jing Wang. ✨✨

This online workshop aims to guide you through the art and mystery of ancient Chinese calligraphy where you will learn to use traditional materials such as Chinese ink, ink stick and brushes on mulberry & grass paper. 🎨

“Life in post lockdown can be still stressful. In this workshop, I will enlighten and uplift your spirit, guiding you to express your feelings with brush and paper.” 🌟

We have two dates for the same workshop to give you options. ❤️

23rd Sept. 2020 Evening 6:00pm - 7:30pm

25th Sept.2020 morning 9:30am- 11:00am

Please choose the date and book through Eventbite link as above.

Hope you can come to join and I am excited to see you there. 😊

Lockdown time Special Online weekly sessions 2nd April-18th June Thurs. 9-10:30pm:

24th April-18th June weekly Online Calligraphy workshop-Theme: Kaishu practice + paintings:

17th April. Online Calligraphy workshop-Theme: Kaishu practice 褚遂良:

10th April. Online Calligraphy workshop-Theme: Kaishu introduction 2 褚遂良:

10th April. Online Calligraphy workshop-Theme: Kaishu introduction 1 Jiu-Cheng-Gong 九成宫:

3rd April. Online Calligraphy workshop-Theme: Get connected via Heart of Sutra:


Past Face to Face Workshop sessions Fridays 10:30am-12:30pm:

20th Dec. 2019-Face to Face Workshop- Theme-Characters & Plum blossom: 

6th Dec. 2019-Face to Face Workshop- Theme-Characters, Bamboo & Birds: 

22nd Nov. 2019-Face to Face Workshop- Theme-Basic strokes & Bamboo: 

8th Nov. 2019-Face to Face Workshop- Theme-Basic strokes & Orchid flower: 


25th Oct. 2019-Face to Face Workshop- Theme-Basic strokes, Lotus & fish: