Commission a Chinese painting or calligraphy piece

Whether it's for your home or as a gift, I can collaborate with you to craft a personalised work of Chinese art.

If you have a specific calligraphy style in mind, I can write in four different styles: running/half cursive, standard script, as well as ancient seal and clerical scripts.

Feel free to explore my website to see examples of my work and what I can offer.

For your home

Do you have a vision for what you want? Or perhaps you'd like to brainstorm ideas together?

With your input, I'll create a unique piece of Chinese art tailored to your space, bringing joy every time you see it.

A meaningful gift

Whether it's to commemorate a new home, a birth, or a special anniversary, I can suggest suitable imagery or wording for exquisite Chinese calligraphy.

For inspiration, consider these traditional subjects in Chinese art:

  • Plum blossom: symbolizes perseverance and renewal
  • Orchid flower: embodies virtue and purity, reflecting the spirit of spring
  • Bamboo: signifies strength and tranquility
  • Chrysanthemum: an autumn flower symbolizing moral strength and resilience in adversity
  • Peonies, wisteria, and magnolia: symbolize feminine beauty
  • Peach or lotus flowers with mandarin birds, or a pair of carp fish: ideal for celebrating marriage or anniversaries
  • Pine tree: represents the virtues of self-discipline and fortitude, often paired with a white crane for longevity

A unique 60th birthday gift

In Chinese culture, reaching 60 years marks a full cycle in the lunar calendar. Consider calligraphy expressing well-wishes or images like a pine tree, peach tree, or crane.

I'd be honored to create a piece of art for you

Contact me today to start this enjoyable process or make an inquiry with no obligation.

Prices start from £220 - £300 for calligraphy or £300 - £500 for a painting, sized 44 x 44cm or 54 x 44cm, including frame and UK delivery. International shipping will incur an additional £15 - £30.

Prices start from £350 for a painting on a silk scroll, sized 140 x 40cm, including delivery. International shipping will incur an additional £15 - £30.

Based in Brighton, Sussex, I'm happy to discuss options over the phone or via Zoom if you're not local.

Paintings can be framed or unframed.

"Plum Blossoms" on unsized xuan rice paper, back mounted on another layer of mulberry xuan paper. -- A large painting is perfect for lunge 

90 x 40 cm unframed

Rich and honored, being in full flower




Love poem “You & I” with Lotus painting---Perfect for anniversary 


Harmony Zen Summer Lotus---perfect for home 


The first paragraph of The Heart Sutra 心經--- For someone is into Buddhism philosophy 


The first paragraph of Tao Te Ching 道德經--- For someone is into Daoism philosophy



A classic poem about Qin, QinFu "Ode To The Qin"---For someone loves music 


 Autumn Fun ---- for someone love birds or autumn

 Red crowned crane with pine tree on silk scroll--Perfect for respected teachers, over 60 years old birthdays :