Plying Guqin (Original on Xuan Paper)

Plying Guqin (Original on Xuan Paper)

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An Original artwork

Chinese calligraphy on Xuan Paper in XiaoZhuan seal script, one of the Chinese calligraphic styles

Written in the UK by Jing Wang

Playing Guqin- by Liu ChangQing (Tang Dynasty) 

Tinkling, Guqin, a seven-stringed, is played,

Listening, I feel cold wind from pine shade,

Though I like much this old tune all the way,

Not many people play it at all, today.

  彈 琴


古調雖自愛,今人多不彈。 ----唐  劉長卿

Ready to frame in standard 415mm x 295mm frame. Original art

There is no frame to come with, so you can choice your own frame. It will be carefully rolled both sides with protection thin boards, then pack in a cardboard tube to give it the best protection.

If you buy this as a Christmas present to someone not living with you, I can wrap it for you and send it to him/her.

Free Delivery in the UK. 

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery in the UK.

If you would like me to ship an original painting internationally, please email on and we will advise shipping costs.

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